Our organization

Livio consists of nine IVF-clinics in Sweden, Norway and on Iceland, Livio Egg and Sperm Bank, Livio Research and maternity clinics in Stockholm and Malmö. Our quality work is characterized by consistency and perseverance which is reflected in our high pregnancy results.

Our philosophy is that the best fertility care is based on a genuine, personal consideration for the patient and individually calibrated treatments. We always treat our patients with respect and  strive to have an open and honest communication.

Livio has its own non-profit research company, Livio Research. In association with our clinics, Livio Research incubates and evaluates new methods in order to develop and improve assisted reproduction methods on a large scale.

Knowledge and competence

As a knowledge and innovation based group the proficiency and commitment of our staff is also our most important resource. All of our clinics have staff with many years of experience of IVF. This is reflected in Livio´s high pregnancy results. Our clinics continuosly share innovation and knowledge, as a result, we always offer the latest proven treatments and methods available at our clinics.

All clinics within Livio work closely with university hospitals across the Nordic region and we also have a solid network of gynaecologists in Sweden, Norway and on Iceland. Our staff conducts research and alongside our vast international network our clinics and staff are always up to date with the latest research and discoveries within the field of reproductive medicine. Our  staff frequently lectures at universities and at international congresses. Through representation in Swedish organizations such as Swedish Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ESHRE and several other significant organizations we contribute to the development of reproductive medicine in Northern Europe.

Livio arranges symposiums and training courses in the field of reproductive medicine for medical practitioners in the area of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Each March we host our annual symposium; Fertility Forum, where a mix of new innovations within the field of reproduction are presented alongside related topics.


Livio was founded in the year 2000 under the name IVF-kliniken Stockholm AB. Thereafter the organization has grown to include nine private fertility clinics, our own research company, an egg and sperm bank and maternity clinics in Sweden, Norway and Iceland. The group changed its name to Livio in January 2018.

Board of Directors of Livio

Håkan Wramsby, founder Livio, Chairman

Steffan Lundberg, founder Livio

Staffan Nilsson, founder Livio Fertilitetscentrum Falun

Eric Persson, representative Promobilia

Henrik Hernander, CEO Livio AB

Management Livio

Henrik Hernander, CEO

Anna Karin Lind, medical director

Aisling Ahlström, laboratory manager

Kristina Löfdahl, operations manager Livio Umeå

Bo Claesson, operations manager Livio Falun

Marie Klinta, operations manager Livio Kungsholmen

Camilla Stenfelt, operations manager Livio Gärdet

Göran Westlander, operations manager Livio Göteborg

Malin Sundler, operations manager Livio Malmö

Nan Birgitte Oldereid, operations manager Livio Oslo

Snorri Einarsson, operations manager, Livio Reykjavík

Artur Aanesen, operations manager, IVF-gruppen Sophiahemmet

Mona Bungum, operations manager, Livio Egg and Sperm Bank


Ann-Louise Gejervall, quality manager

Merete Forssberg Madshus, marketing and sales manager

Elisabet Sandgathe, CFO

Anders Skoog, CIO

Linda Viberg, HR manager